Write More Loans. Eliminate Cosigners. Reduce Risk. Gain Younger Customers.

Our policies protect loans & leases

Suretys underwrites and approves/pre-approves a first-time car buyer’s policy in 10 minutes or less. Lenders get protected loans and first-time buyers drive off in a new car they can afford.

Turn denials into approvals!

Suretys helps you quickly close those lost deals. How? PlusOne policies eliminate the need for those often hard-to-get cosigners.

Guarantee cosigner deals

With Suretys PlusOne you can’t lose. Our policies work just like PMI. Suretys policies make lenders whole if the policyholder defaults during the coverage period.

Attract Millennials and GenZ

Attract, convince and convert younger generations. Suretys' consumer benefits, mobile-first simplicity, speed, and ease of use are all desired in their financial dealings. 

Let applicants get pre-approved

Putting pre-approval on your site or digital ads is a smart strategy to reach young people, drive traffic to your site, and start engagement early so that they favor your institution as they shop and buy.

What customers say ...

"I had five turn-downs! Suretys was truly painless. The monthly payment blew my mind, Now I am on my own.” -Katie T, 20

"I live on a military base and needed a cosigner, but dad lived far away. With a Suretys policy, I didn't need dad, and got the car I wanted." -Austin B, 26

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